Monday, July 19, 2010

Sticking it out...

In town filming some footage for a Larkin25 project I'm involved with. A dearth of people with anything to say, other than "never heard of him". Then a chap outside of Waterstone's starts waxing lyrical. "There's that Nick Cave song, yeah? Where he talks about Larkin being stuck in the library in Hull. I find it amazing that there's this songwriter from Aussie writing about a poet from Hull, don't you?"

Karl Marx squeezed his carbuncles
while writing Das Kapital
And Gaugin, he buggered off, man,
and went all tropical
While Philip Larkin stuck it out
in a library in Hull
And Dylan Thomas died drunk in
St Vincent's hospital

from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' There She Goes, My Beautiful World


More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

It's a great song. Epic and swirling and brooding. Not sure if sir Nick Cave ever came to Hull, mind, although Dylan Thomas was a regular in Barton. Must be something to do with the drink.

stagger said...

I was also amazed that Saint Nick referenced Hull, then again if you read The Death of Bunny Munroe you quickly find many touchpoints you'd never have credited him with, like Butlins!