Monday, August 30, 2010

A surplus of meat...

More weird stuff encountered. I was intrigued, shall we say, when I drove past a small refrigerated lorry that was emblazoned with 'Royal Meat'. Is this meat that is for consumption only by those with royal blood - surely not, that would be too niche a market - or is it meat carved from royals? Or, most likely, just some skanky processed meat company with delusions of grandeur. I so wish I'd had a device with me that would have allowed me to provide photographic evidence. A quick Google throws up several companies with the same name. There's obviously a surplus of royal meat about.

Then, there was the most peculiar puppet show we witnessed at the Pearson Park 150th birthday celebrations. Now that I did take a photograph of. While the show itself was somewhat, well, unusual and a consummate lesson in audience alienation (the children above were all sneering at the puppeteer), I'm utterly baffled by the creepy looking man that appears to the left of the image, who I didn't notice at the time. What is he doing? Why does he squat so? Does he have CRB clearance?

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