Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr Spliff...

I met Brian Fell a couple of weeks ago. He's a sculptor based in Glossop who has been in Hull working on the public art at the back of a warehouse that I first mentioned back in August. His sculptures tell a mini-story of the city and are crafted from mild steel that is finished to look rather like lead. The work, which is a unique design for what would otherwise just have been one of many riverside flood-defence walls, was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. When he posed for the photograph above Brian was keen to wear protective eye goggles to demonstrate that he adhered to health & safety rules but, unable to find them in the back of his van, hopped up his ladder and angle grinded away happily, sparks flying all over the shop. Anyway, today when I walked past I noticed that the wall has already been defaced. The defacer's art is just as valid if, I assume, a little cheaper to produce. Here's what's been done:

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